Who We Are

Ang_SkydivingAngela (Angie) Hendrix

Among Angie’s most valuable skills is her uncanny ability to multi-task.  She enjoys having many balls in the air, and managing it all comes naturally for her.  Angie’s ability to connect people is a gift she embraces, initiating connections who come together in collaboration to help one another and community.  She also enjoys planning and coordinating events, organizing calendars, facilitating communication, public speaking, meeting new people and establishing meaningful business and personal relationships.

With over 14 years of experience in corporate sales, selling complex technology and services to Senior Level Executives in national companies, Angie decided to put her vast skill set to use in the private sector.  Using her strong presentation skills, a savvy sense for branding & marketing, and an innate ability to communicate & negotiate, she created TheAHConnection to provide high-class, quality services to small business owners so they can concentrate on what’s really important to them…doing what they love.  

Angie’s personal & business relationships have created a wide net of impressive, talented connections.  These relationships enable those who use TheAHConnection to experience the best, while only having to communicate with TheAHConnection directly.

see url Angie also serves as Director of the PFLAG Speaker’s Bureau, volunteering with the bureau for over 15 years. She shares her personal story with colleges, universities, OC Sheriff’s Department diversity trainings as well as with Homeland Security – really to any group that requests a speaking engagement.  Using her degree and background in Education, Angie’s ability to command an audience and relay important, sometimes difficult topics to audiences, is truly impressive.

professional paper writing service In her personal time Angie enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, hiking in Palos Verdes with her pups, doing Ashtanga yoga, and watching & broadcasting sports.

A tenacious competitor and former college women’s basketball player, Angie never backs away from a challenge, and always takes a “we can do anything” approach, even to situations or projects that feel too daunting to manage. She’s someone you would want to pick on your “team”.

Inspired by Coach John Wooden, President Obama, civil rights activists, and change agents & difference makers across the globe, Angie lives life working to make an impact, being in service to others, & showing up every day as the best version of herself.

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“Angie has an extremely strong work ethic, a genuine love for learning, and a passion for serving her customers and her company to create value.

More importantly, she has a strong sense of justice and duty; you can count on Angie to do “the right thing” even when it’s not convenient.

Her attention to detail is absolutely astounding. In one client business case, Angie documented the customer’s workflow and platforms better than the customer had, and computed cost literally to the paper clip.

These attributes make Angie a fantastic person to work with, and an asset to anyone who is fortunate enough to do business with her.” ~ M. Pfeifer